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About a Girl

Laura Yan is an aspiring starving/freelance writer/blogger/novelist,   occasional      photographer, frequent observer, & prone to late  night   obsessions.

She appreciates emails:  tweexcore (at)

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Tweexcore is a blog about happiness, photography, mixtapes, essays, how-tos, inspiration, New York, fashion, adventures, and the beauty in the little things. Some of these posts have been featured on Gala Darling, Fluxtumblr, and La Blogthesque. Her writing has appeared in TimeOut New York, Baeble Music, Filthy Gorgeous Things, The Bygone Bureau, and the Universal Records Database.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in a project, collaboration, advice, love/hate mail, or really just anything..

Enjoys words, tea, sex, bows, aesthetics, typography, red lipstick, sound of high heels, indiepop, abandoned buildings, cemeteries, skylines, rooftops, old forgotten music, flowers in the windowstill, dreaming & daydreaming, sleeping in and/or waking up early, 69 love songs, snow, suffering for fashion, talking to strangers, making mixtapes, dancing.

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  1. September 9, 2008 10:07 am

    “But, on days like this, when it is just raining hard enough to be noticeable but not so much that it is an outright downpour, when the temperature is at that perfect level where it’s not too cold to just wear a dress and without hints of that terrible humidity, and the sky is a pale gray blue, it seems wonderful just be walking back from class (armed with an umbrella, of course) and marveling at the simplest beauty around me.”

    Yo. My name is Chris Anderson and, as I’m absolutely sure you don’t know, I’m a writer and general Tsar of non-music content for a small (tiny) site called Halo 17. This message is usually the kind of thing I reserve for e-mails, so I’ll keep this brief: I think you’re a good writer, and that you could be a great columnist. If you’re interested, contact me at the e-mail I listed.

  2. August 1, 2009 2:46 pm

    you are absolutely lovely. your my tiny, sweet role model-you really are. i dream, i write, i take pictures, i was born in new york and i plan on going back as an English major. take up teaching…and writing my own novels (I’ve finished two in a series. on my third)….i am too attracted to everything romantic…everything that my little own head can come up with….lots of fantasy filled with passion and special little secrets the world couldn’t possibly announce with one single embarrassing breath!
    you are amazing. i hope you become everything you hope to become. if you publish…i’ll be in line for a book. i check your blog everyday…..this one and tumblr.
    😀 your dresses, by the way are adorable. but, I’m more of a jean person.

    ❤ annie.

  3. November 13, 2009 2:27 am

    Ooh just stumbled upon your blog and loving it, will add it to my favourites! x


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