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How to Spend the Fall

October 6, 2009

+read in a park (self explainatory and wonderful)

+go for a walk! Pick one: bring a camera and take pictures of every little detail you notice, the frayed edges of a leaf, the etching on a bench, or leave your cell phone and camera at home, and walk for the clear air on your skin, the blue sky and the trees, the call of the birds and sounds of the city.

+take a class! Since you’re already involved in school and learning, you might as well take it further and tackle a few subjects not on your academic calendar that you might enjoy. How about picking up a dance class, yoga, drawing, screenprinting, cooking? There are a ton of fascinating classes in subjects you might never expect and now only will you learn something new, but chances are you’ll have lots of fun and make new friends, as well.

+strengthen friendships! Be it someone you haven’t talked to in a while or someone interesting you’d like to get to know better. Take a chance, invite them to lunch, or an afternoon at a museum, and remember why you wanted to befriend them in the first place.

+stylize! This is probably my favorite season to dress for, and with the variable weather you’ve got plenty of options when using the sidewalk as a runway. I especially love cardigans and coats with bare legs and flats/Oxfords, loose scarves in tie knots over vnecks, summer dresses with tights and a jacket–instant transformation and utter loveliness.

+shop! On that note, prep for the winter ahead and play with new ideas and habits with a few new indulgences. Be it delicate or bold new necklaces, eco-friendly and elegant notebooks with fine tipped pens (I have an affinity for Muji pens and if you can get your hands on any, the Uniball Signo or Pental Hi-C, all in .38mm), luxurious bath products and lotions that you can pamper yourself with.

+go out! Not only is the weather gorgeous, but (especially if you’re in the city) this is a season abundant in events and festivities, exhibit openings or extravagant parties, film screenings and concerts a plenty. Take advantage of your energy and desire to leave the house. (I swear it’s not just my internship talking: TONY has got a ton of wonderful events and things to do, New Yorkers, and I hardly want to miss any of it.)

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  1. October 8, 2009 4:09 am

    I think that you’re so lucky to have fall weather. In the Philippines, we only have the wet and dry season. I loooove the fall weather and fashion. Praying to someday be where you are now. 🙂

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