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Things I Love Thursday

September 17, 2009

[sorry lately i’ve almost forgotten i have a blog]

+resolving my horrific mosquito problem (via closing the window at night god i can’t believe it took me so long)
+earl grey in the morning, orange blossom white tea at night
+making to do/plans lists and crossing things off
+the sound of chalk on blackboards, pens on paper. i think i like lectures way too much for my own good.
+speaking of which: my personality class. it’s just about the most interesting lecture i’ve ever had
+packing satisfying lunches. who knew a sandwich could be so effective?
+reading sex blogs. seriously it’s the most fascinating/wonderful thing in the world to me.
+naps, even if they are over slept. a sleep deprived laura can only take so much.
+new episodes of gossip girl, mad men, and glee. they are all so utterly brilliant.
+cute foreign people on the subway. so. so. adorable in their enthusiastic attentiveness.
+smiling at strangers. i know this should be on my list all the time but especially lately, it’s more noticeable and wonderful.
+the sweetest missed connection, ever.
+omg let’s hyperventilate some more because i will never get enough of FALL. WEATHER.

what about you, lovely readers? it’s nearly the weekend and what little (or big) things are bringing you big big smiles?

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  1. beeks permalink
    September 17, 2009 5:44 pm

    Where does one find orange blossom white tea? That sounds spectacular!

  2. September 19, 2009 5:31 pm

    Laura, I adore your blog. It’s nice to read of so much optimism in the world.
    I’m listening to Belle & Sebastian, which always gives me a big smile.

  3. September 27, 2009 9:30 am

    -A bloody handprint on the door of the subway station in Copley.

    -Reveling in the discomfort of my English class; it seems to radiate from all of the people there.
    I deem Lord of the Flies to be too scary of a concept to stomach for these kids. For most of them, living a day without texting is the limit of extreme.

    -High heeled Doc Martin-esque boots I found in a thrift/vintage store at Kendall.

    -Matcha Green Tea powder! I just had a homemade Green Tea Latte with it. 🙂

    -Nibbling the edge of a bar of Belgian artisan chocolate with pepper and rose in it while enjoying a solitude night in Harvard Square after a lovely day.

    -Curling up in a chair on the second story of The Coop while reading De Corpore circa 1656, by Hobbes.

    -Trying on silk things and velvet things in Saks.

    -Charles Street and the rickety-but-not-obnoxious cobblestones.

    -Having a good chat with the girls in Lush and buying a bubble bath fizz.

    and more

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