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August 24, 2008

Well, I’ve officially and finally made it.

NYU–it’s such a change from the past week or so, which consisted exclusively of time spent with my family and mostly sitting on buses (or being faintly annoyed at having to take pictures at every tourist spot.) There is everything here–and so much that I’ve yet to discover. For now, though, it’s rather quiet. I’ve mostly finished unpacking (except for my winter clothes, which looked so dreary in its grays and blacks and browns that I couldn’t bring myself to hang them up). My parents are off to Flushing and their friend in new york and whatnot, and although they’ll be in New York until tomorrow evening, I have a feeling I won’t be seeing much of them for a good long time.

It all never really hit me, except perhaps last night, when our bus inched forward in the impossible traffic of the streets and I realized that finally, I’d be home. Or perhaps on the drive here this morning, I think we drove on the Brooklyn bridge, looking at the skyline and the streets of New York and feeling–anticipation, excitement, nervousness? Anything and everything, a tingling in my stomach that was so very real. Of course, the actual checking and moving in, multiple trips to Kmart to buy dorm supplies and carrying it up eleven stories in the stifling heat was slightly less fun…

I think maybe the time for sentimentalism has escaped. It was never a major moment of revelation but little moments, unexpected flashes of what I’ll miss or what I’ll have in the future. And for now I have only the highest hopes and expectations for the future.

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