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eye candy, changes and something more?

August 13, 2008

I’ve switched up the design for the blog a bit, just because, well, although this is still writing centric, the narrow column made it a bit difficult to post photos and videos and other highly visual delightful things. Hopefully this offers a bit more versatility and is a bit easier to read and digest and find other diversions from, as well!

And so I figured I’d test out the layout with a few delicious images and thoughts. First, in case you are not familiar with the delights of Fifi Lapin, I insist on a visit, right now. Fifi is a bunny. A highly fashionable bunny who wears coutoure on the daily (although she’s been on a vintage kick lately. Still ever so stylish and adorable), her life and wardrobe is certainly one worth lusting over…Fifi in vintage:

And here she is, in off the runway Proenza Schouler. Collective sigh of admiration and jealousy.

And speaking of couture, did you know fashion’s God, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld is actually a blogger. One who is sharing his advice and taste of things that are demode to the general public, because, well, Karl is great like that. Karl Lagerfeld’s Guide to Life is kind of essentially reading for anyone who desires to look a fraction of the chicness Karl exhibits. Possibly without even spending millions on Chanel! Okay, well, that’s probably a lie. But trust me on this–your life is going to be much improved after reading Karl’s thoughts. Who would have ever thought he could be such a funny man. Hmm?

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  1. August 13, 2008 5:58 pm

    *Gasp!* I love that bunny!

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