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a letter to the future

August 12, 2008

Oh dear. How is it that I’ve waited, restless, convinced that the day when I would finally fly off to the other side of the country (and possibly the Rest of My Life) would never arrive, trying to do anything to make the days pass, the days that dragged on and on and seemed such a waste, and finally, to get here. Now. With five days to go…and absolutely nothing done, and everything that needs to be done!

It’s a little frightening to think of it: dorm shopping, room cleaning, packing, seeing friends before the Big Departure. It’s so unreal–five days is such a short time, especially with so much to accomplish and so much to look forward to! (My packet of Welcome Week activities came and it is a little bit mindblowing.)

So of course, I’m beyond excited. I love my life. I love my friends. I love everything that has happened to me and even those unhappy little moments, I love those for making the better moments seem just that much more magical. And most of all I love, love, love my future. Dear future: we’ve been destined to be together for so long–too long. But now, I’m a little bit, just the tinest bit worried that you’re moving a bit too fast. I want to take some time off, step away, get those little tidbits that I need to accomplish accomplished so that we won’t rush into this. So that we can take it slow and cherish every moment. But I guess that’s not how real life works–I should have savored the lethargic moments of summer more. Well, well, no fears, no worries. I’ll get it all done and do it brilliantly too!

And future? You and I are going to have an incredible time together. I can feel it in my bones, my blood, my racing brain causing sleepless nights of a billion possibilities. Future, you are happening, you are now, you are beautiful. And if there’s one time in my life where I won’t mind the cliches and silliness, it is now. If there’s one time where I’m not afraid of grand ambitions and glorious occassions it is now. So let’s celebrate.

PS–the lovely Stephanie at the Fashion Robot was sweet enough to interview me as part of her style profiles. It’s rather short and sweet so give it a look if you’re a bit interested in what I actually have to say about what I wear!

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  1. August 12, 2008 6:46 pm

    I feel very similar to you- I can’t wait for my future, but things are just going a little fast. All the sudden, I turn around, and I feel like I’m getting old (I’m really not. At all.) What happened to being a little one?! Good luck with everything in the next few days! PS- I love your interview on The Fashion Robot!

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