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august: last days, dreaming of fall, and falling in love

August 2, 2008

Today was my last day of work at Bookstar. And I could write a deep reflective essay about my times there and how I’ve made friends with some surprising people and had interesting experiences and whatnot, but I think this is one of those things I’ll just let pass. It was certainly not a bad first paid job, and I think I will miss some of my favorite coworkers, but life goes on and a future not in retail awaits.

I’ve been thinking a lot. (This is not news.) I’ve been making lists of things I’ll need for my dorm and New York, and thinking about fall/winter fashion. Yes really. Not so much runwaywise but just the things I’ll be wearing personally. As in: things I already have but haven’t worn in forever or never really got an occassion to wear because, well, thick wool coats and cashmere don’t really do so well in San Diego weather. Even in the so called winters. And I’ve been doing much online window shopping. And maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to bring those wardrobe photos to blog/life…I just feel so very shallow and self obsessed sometimes when I do things like that. But I guess it’s nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to be scared of.

And on Friday, our computer systems at bookstar all went down. So it was a nice morning of old fashioned writing down sales on notepads and using an old fashioned knuckle breaker credit card imprinter to ring people up! It was quite something to use well, required the proper angle and leverage and a bit of wrist strength I really didn’t have. It did make each transaction a little more personal though, which was nice.

Since I seem to be alternating points of interest today, this is one of my very favorite editorials and something like my dream romance summed up in photos. It makes me smile. And maybe it will do the same for you..

(via foto decadent)

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  1. August 11, 2008 6:14 pm

    That’s a great editorial

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