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kissing girls, scene queens, and the tragically beautiful

July 25, 2008

Some things I’ve been in love with lately (and you should be too!):

+Bon Iver’s Daytrotter session. As if there isn’t enough beauty in the tracks of For Emma, these versions are heartbreaking, stunning and haunting all at once. Songs you want to hold on to forever and escape too quickly. So you listen to them, again and again, until you think maybe you are numb. And then there is a note, a noise, a break in the guitar, something in his voice, and you close your eyes and it overtakes you with all the force it did the first time.

+Katy Perry:

Yes, okay, there are countless things wrong with this song/video. Yes it probably would be considered a guilty pleasure/bad pop singalong song. Yes I find the lyrics irritating and immature and shallow, as Katy makes it appear that kissing a girl is such a twisted, fucked, taboo thing to do (and one that she only did when totally wasted and thinking about pleasing her boyfriend…) and that irks me quite a lot. Yes she is a scene bitch who is really not that talented at all–but it’s a catchy song, one that would be fun and easy to dance to, sexy in a really contrived matter, and I just really like the video because it’s a half assed attempt at fourties, pinup glamour, even such a weak imitation is rather fun.

+iCiNG-Gala’s blog is completely inspirational, edgy, modern, sexy, fun, and brilliant on so many levels. I’m probably going to steal her Things I Love Thursdays idea and after reading quite a few of her blog posts I am determined to make my blog/life more aesthetically pleasing and delightfully fun.

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  1. July 28, 2008 4:12 pm

    That song and video is far too catchy.
    I have a really ironic story that goes with it…two of my female friends kissed one night (purely for the benefit of a group of guys–ugh!) to the horror of another friend of mine…then this song was playing on the radio and one of the girls who committed the act said, “ew gross” and changed the station. Now she wasn’t drunk when she kissed the other female, so what is her excuse for this lapse in memory? Either way, one of the most ironic moments in history that I was able to witness!

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