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July 4, 2008

Well, here I am, back in San Diego and the perfect weather and cars and open roads and a big bed and the big room and my friends. My sleep schedule is now officially completely fucked, the day before running on two hours of sleep and some ridiculous delayed flights…as in an hour at New York and somehow making it to Detroit on time, then three hours of delay because of a thunderstorm in Detroit. Admittedly flying through a thunderstorm was quite the adventure. The lady sitting next to me was from Paris and didn’t speak English too well and seemed so scared of the rather unsteady ride. I felt slight hints of fear and concern, but was mostly too exhausted to do anything but drift in and out of sleep. Which I supposed, made the long long wait/flight easier.

And, orientation was so much fun and so remarkably easy to meet lovely people and make friends. After three days I already felt completely at home. Playing frisbee in Washington Square Park or late night art in a dorm, wandering to find adventure or just striking up conversations with any stranger…it’s such a change and very promising of the four years to come. The little “variety” show we had at orientation was even amazing…and made me fall in love with the school even more. And to think, once I would have wanted nothing more than to be elsewhere. NYU is probably as perfect as it’s ever going to get.

So strange meeting my fellow classmates who got zero financial aid and grew up with prep schools, though. I don’t really think I’ve ever really felt an economic class divide before, but here and now, it’s apparent. I nearly forgot that not everyone recieved financial aid/scholarships and many of them came from surrounding areas. Nevertheless, I love it here and cannot wait for the fall to start. Also remarkable: I’m leaving for our Oregon trip in just a few more days! Summer will go by fast.

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