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June 21, 2008

It seems that summer draws in quite a different crowd at Bookstar, or at least, these few days of uncharacteristic and excessive heat in San Diego. Thus making it a rather different experience–or maybe watching too much Daria has put me in a non-stop sarcastic and sassy frame of mind. Not very me, some would say. After all, now is the time of me back talking and raising attention to the ridiculous nature of some of the things we do. Maybe work just isn’t what it used to be…

I have to wonder, don’t the customers see? Do they noticed the plastic smile plastered across my face, the glassy empty stare looking into the store but never at them, them not even registering as humans so much as another routine. Do they hear the underlying sarcasm when I recommend the membership program? When I say thank you and slowly slide their terrible books into a plastic bag and remain polite when they request christian inspiration books that are so obviously insane…

Maybe it’s the heat, and the air conditioning bookstar provides that welcomed the hoards of people who would have otherwise never been seen in a place associated with knowledge or literacy, even in its most watered down and terrible forms. Today sights of tanned, blonde bimbos with very apparent plump and round fake breasts in miniskirts and tank tops were plenty. And somehow my superiority complex got kicked up twenty knotches.

I couldn’t help it, comparing where I would be to where my coworkers were or what most of our customers must have been. Their taste in marketed pathetic self help or diet books or really bad mass market fiction the key to their stupidity. While strolling about the aisles, absent mindedly sticking books in their proper homes (not taking as much care in sections I rather disliked) my mind wandered. A distant narration occupied my thoughts. It was an interesting day. And every flaw in every customer only too noticable: the girl whose wardrobe walked right out of Urban Outfitters, the overobsessive parents buying the perfect summer learning books and their dim lives, the overweight woman with a terrible, terrible way of “fashion”. It was judgement day, it seemed, and the heat and the unnecessary questions they babbled did not help at all

In any case–I should really learn to get used to the heat. NYC without air conditioning shall be quite the interesting experience…and! today my vintage Ferragamos came. My first purchase from Ebay, ever. They seem to fit and look promising indeed. I think I’d be willing to replace the soles and insoles to make them essentially perfect for street walking. Exciting things, indeed!

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