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those little moments in between

March 7, 2008

Ah, Miranda July.

I knew I liked you when I watched Me and You and Everyone We Knew. I fell in love with that movie the first time I saw it. And I still adore the soundtrack, and turn to it every time I need something truly uplifting and inspirational…not in that sappy, sentimental marketed Christian Inspiration/Self Improvement way, but the sort of inspiration that actually makes me want to do something. Anything, any small thing. Things like leaving a secret in a Postsecret book (I flip through all of the copies at work and look for secrets people slid on. So far, I’ve found two), making a mixtape for a stranger, doing a small favor for no apparent reason, leaving art at a park…and it is one of those soundtracks (f0r me, at the very least) that inspires me to write. Really write, anything, a short story, a random thought expanded, something pretty, something silly. Anything.

And then I read No One Belongs Here More Than You, Miranda July’s collection of short stories, and I fell in love. Completely, utterly head over heels in love. In these simple moments, often times awkward, tender, insignificant, she captures something intimate. It is refreshing, the characters who are sweet in their strange ways, caring in their detached manners. It is in the same vein as the movie, but in words, she can call to mind these situations and images, snippets of dialog that merge into these charming, bright and sweet short stories I want to reread and live in.

It just makes me wish that I shared Miranda July’s easy ability to see the beauty in so much in life…and realize that for many of my favorite artists, be it writers, actors, musicians or painters, the reason I love their art so much is partially because of the attitude behind them. This same sort of attitude that generally translate to their life and personality. I see this in the blogs of my favorite artists and writers, I see it in the style of favorite actresses and photographers, I see it in the quotes and traces they leave behind.

And I suppose, I’d like to openly admire my love of July. And take what I can from her work and ideas–to never take the little things for granted and let life blossom around me. Not to sound horribly inspiring and you know, hopelessly idealistic (which sometimes I really think I am, and other times I am truly one of the most cynical and morbid people you may ever meet), but these little tender moments can sometimes mean so much.

And on that note–I realized that since my legal name is still my Chinese name that essentially no one knows, and soon I’ll be off to college with no one who knows me as “laura” and a name is something I can basically change in any case, I’m actually contemplating a new name as honestly Laura was kind of a spur of the moment thing without much thought that I grew into…

So, brainstorming names and daydreaming about the future, again.

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