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Cultural update

February 22, 2008

San Francisco/Berkley was a lot of fun, although with enough utterly ridiculous adventures and festerous crapshoots. It was a great little vacation that made returning to school and San Diego just that much more bleak of a prospect, and, as expected, I’ve been lacking in energy and motivation these past couple of days. Perhaps in large part because of the rainy, cloudy, cold weather. Yes, I do so love the rain, but when SF was all clear and sunny and pleasantly cool, and I expect home to be warm and sunny and annoyingly summer like, it’s a bit frustrating that I have to dress for wet weather…which I’m most certainly ill prepared for.

In Berkeley, we went to go see There Will Be Blood, which is quite an incredible movie that I can’t recommend enough and is going to become a classic in the level of Pulp Fiction and in the same vein as No Country for Old Men (a masterpiece in its own right and also highly, highly recommended). To be honest, the first half of the movie frustrated and upset me incredibly with the sheer amount of injustices and terrible things that were happening, but I was expecting it to be disheartening…it was just that I think I went with the mood of something slightly less heavy, and got wrapped in the movie’s downward spiral attacking the evil nature of humanity. And then, of course, the glorious, glorious, epic ending made up for everything…not to mention some of the events that occurred shortly after our movie that made the night a memorable and hilarious one.

Which brings the total number of depressing movies I’ve seen recently up to a three or four in a row. Which doesn’t sound that terrible, until you consider that one of said movie was The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, a brilliant adaptation from the book, a beautifully, moving and well crafted film that definitely called for tears and a sinking feeling deep inside. Followed by There Will Be Blood, and set up by No Country for Old Men. Not exactly a cheerful, optimistic combination. And now I think I may just be longing a lighthearted, simple, quirky and cute movie that brings about a smile and renew hope for the world.

Anyway, I’m almost completed with Porno by Irvine Welsh, which took a surprising long time to get through. I do really enjoy the book, but I think, concerning the subject matter and Welsh’s style, this book requires certain environments and times to truly read well. It’s one of those books that you get completely caught up in, but is so detached from regular life that it’s difficult to sink into with only a few minutes to spare. I’m not quite sure if this is a good thing or not, but whenever I read it at school, I tend to become completely detached from the classroom, teacher and classmates and fall into this absurd world of druggies and crooks. Go figure.

Yesterday I finished reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, which is one of those thought provoking, fascinating and innovative non-fiction books resembling Freakonomics or Blink. I find it a bit funny that although I consider those three books rather similar in nature and perhaps even style, they are categorized under Marketing, Current Affairs, and Psychology respectively at the bookstore. Any time I try to recommend the others to a customer interested in one, I have to scramble around the store to find the other two. But then again, I question more than a few books and the way they are categorized/organized. It’s the sort of little things that sometimes can be frustrating, but generally, I accept and leave be.

Lately I’ve been letting out all my self-centered fashion obsessions and photography-wannabe tendencies by posting on Wardrobe Remix. I’ve always enjoyed lurking on the site and find it a good source of inspiration and ideas, and just fun to look at in general since it tends to be one of the more diverse photo fashion sites and doesn’t focus specifically on, say, American-Apparel prototypical hipsters or Scandinavian hipsters (both of which I can enjoy, the latter more so than the former, but I also quite enjoy diversity.) Actually bothering to post fairly regularly, though, definitely adds something to the experience. As in, it makes me want to diversify in my outfits and wear things that actually make for more interesting outfits than something safe, predictable.

I realize my whole problem with fashion is that it still ends up too generic and molded. Sometimes I’m more drawn to the more subversive and ridiculous styles than the typical visions of “beauty”, and even those high fashion editorials sometimes hold the same sort of appeal that gets tiresome after a while. So what’s the solution? At the moment, it is take things as they come and wear whatever makes me happy and feel good, and agrees with my ideals and values and idiosyncratic sense of aesthetic (as a certain teacher of mine would say…)

I do also kind of wish the rain would stop, and that at some point in the near future, I can go out and photograph someone other than myself. Preferably strangers, to cross off my “take more photographs” goal and the “talk to strangers” goal. Who knows what doing something like that will magically turn up?

Sigh. Actually, probably nothing. But a girl can dream, can’t she?

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