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Senior ditch day?

February 8, 2008

There’s been kind of a lot of my mind lately, and I have ample time to think and write about it, but somehow, I feel like I’d much rather tackle the little meaningless superficial little things than anything deep and revealing.

So, today at school, for instance, was one of those so utterly pointless and horrible days. Horrible because it was our senior ditch day, and nearly all of my friends and even friendly acquaintances were absent from the classrooms. Add on the fact that somehow we didn’t have poli sci today and teachers were well prepared for the absences, meant a festerous, long day consisting mostly of me awkwardly reading Porno by Irvine Welsh in class or watching Gossip Girl (my new favorite guilty pleasure TV show. Hey. Sometimes they play good songs, and always wear really good clothing…). And also very nearly having to walk home all the way. (Luckily, a friend who isn’t in any of my classes but who did have to go to school saw me on the way and gave me a ride. Hurray for little accomplishments.)

This afternoon was one of those afternoons…you know, where there is absolutely nothing to do and I’d rather not think about the minuscule amount of homework I have or the scholarship essays I should be writing. Instead, I spent it taking silly personality quizzes and reading reviews of clothing I’ve already brought online. And it wasn’t the most horrible thing ever, I suppose. I did also circle the house and sing along with my favorite songs with that punch pop strut, or the ones with those ever fitting lyrics. And somehow the day is nearly gone.

It feels nothing like a Friday, and I feel like I should have work tomorrow, but I don’t! Which is rather lovely. Sleeping in is always a delight, although this was purely accidental since this was another one of those weekend Santa Barbara trips that never ended up happening. Sigh. Someday.

It’s probably not healthy frequenting as often as I do now, especially since that’s a really unfortunately designed website with bad product photos and general bad design…but, somehow, it’s become a regular, nearly automatic site to type in. Someone find me something new to obsess over.

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