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It goes on and on and on and on…

January 4, 2008

    You know those days when you wake up a bit earlier than usual, and it’s cold and cloudy out but light and it feels like winter, and you get up for a little bit and then decide it’s too cold and snuggle back under the covers, listen to “Us Ones in Between” and cuddle with the lavender scented, ultra soft lambie you got from the Christmas exchange yesterday even though it’s way past Christmas, and you contemplate all the things you’re going to do and decide that today is the day, without work, without obligations, you’ll get things done and go out and dance and exercise and relax, and you feel like wearing a dress even though the weather’s not really fitting and mostly you’ll just be home all day, and you put on the little short figure-skater-y black dress you’ve yet to wear and the white sweater that just screams twee and your grey long scarf with the hearts on the ends and your black tights and the plum over-the-knee ones over that and you feel great and cute and ready to tackle the day, and then proceed to drop your camera all the way down the flight of wooden stairs, and then once again from the really tall dining table to the wood floor and find that you’ve broken the lens, and on the way back upstairs with your cup of orange juice trying not to think about what you just did, spill it all over your new lovely white sweater, and then google if it’s possible to fix the lens and find discouraging answers informing you that you’re better off buying a new camera, and all you can think of doing is listen to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” which you listened to at midnight on New Year’s Eve to start off 2008, which you thought, knew had to be better than the hell that occurred in 2007 and here you are, the new year, festering away and breaking cameras, but it doesn’t matter because Journey is just so epic and really, what else could you possibly do?

It’s one of those days, and it’s only one in the afternoon.

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